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吴中Hardware Accessories

吴中Hardware Accessories

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
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The following are the factors that restrict the development of the hardware accessories industry.

1. Leading effect

In a specific environment, because a particular technology or brand is ahead of other companies in the same industry, it will inevitably drive the development of the entire enterprise. For example, hardware locks, hardware locks can be everywhere in the hardware market, branded, unbranded, and in short, once a hardware lock company has an advanced patented technology, such as inventing a new product, with With this new product put on the market and achieved good economic benefits, this leading product will inevitably drive the overall development of the hardware lock enterprise, and give priority to the success of the industry to take a big step.

2, the locking effect

When users move from one brand of technology to another, they will pay a certain cost for this transfer. When the transfer cost is too high and the user is discouraged, the user is in a locked state. When a high-tech product is successfully developed and won the market, it is easy to grasp the future market and take the initiative in the fierce competition. This is also applicable in the hardware market, first investing, because the hardware cost is too high, it will inevitably be discouraged by users, but once this hardware product is recognized, then this hardware product will inevitably lead the industry and promote the development of the industry.

3. Matthew effect

This is an era of winners, the rich enjoy more resources - money, honor and status, but the poor become nothing. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. People with more friends will make more friends with frequent contacts, while those who lack friends will always be lonely; people with a reputation will have more opportunities to show up, so they will become more famous.

4, gear effect

If a large enterprise does not develop, it will leave the small enterprise far behind. The gear effect is also applicable in the hardware market. Some large enterprises have advantages in resources, money, connections, information, etc. Once developed, they will take a big step; while small enterprises are affected by resources such as funds, talents, and information. The development of restrictions is relatively slow, and even stops. Such large enterprises are increasingly surpassing small enterprises in the same industry and gradually become the dominant players in the industry.

5, aggregation effect

The more companies with good performance and abundant funds, the more banks want to give their qualifications to it, this is the accumulation effect of funds. Under the financial crisis, some large hardware companies have excellent performance. Once there is a funding problem, whether it is through the bank or other companies' shareholdings will alleviate the current predicament, it will inevitably make it easier to gather funds; some small hardware companies will encounter financial problems. It is almost impossible to move. Chinalco invested US$19.5 billion in Rio Tinto, and the highest record of overseas investment by Chinese companies was once again refreshed by Chinalco. .

6, scale effect

When the production reaches or exceeds the break-even point, it will form a scale benefit. Because any production is costly, it generally includes fixed costs and variable costs. In order to achieve profitability, sales revenue must be greater than production cost, and the fixed cost of this is constant, so the more production, the less fixed costs are allocated to a single product, and the more profit.


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