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吴中Keyboard plastic frame
吴中Keyboard plastic frame

吴中Keyboard plastic frame

  • Category:吴中Hardware Accessories
  • Release date:2019-07-05
  • Product description

The keyboard is a kind of command and data input device for operating the device, and also refers to a set of function keys (such as a typewriter and a computer keyboard) that are arranged to operate a machine or device through the system. The keyboard is also part of a keyboard instrument. It can also refer to instruments that use a keyboard, such as a piano, a digital piano, or an electronic keyboard. The keyboard helps to practice typing.

The keyboard is the most commonly used and most important input device. Through the keyboard, English letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. can be input into the computer, thereby issuing commands, inputting data, and the like to the computer. There are also some keyboards with various shortcut keys, but at first these keyboards were mostly used in brand machines and were once regarded as the characteristics of brand machines. Over time, gradually, independent products with various quick functions have been sold separately, with dedicated driver and setting software, and personalized operation can be realized on compatible machines.

It can also be used as a peripheral device for laptops and iPads.


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