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吴中Keyboard frame
吴中Keyboard frame

吴中Keyboard frame

  • Category:吴中Hardware Accessories
  • Release date:2019-07-05
  • Product description

The keyboard shell, some keyboards are fixed in the keyboard panel and the base by the technology of plastic hooks, which realizes the design without metal screwing, so be careful to avoid damage when disassembling.

In order to meet the needs of different users, the conventional keyboard has three indicators: CapsLock (letter case lock), NumLock (numeric keypad lock), ScrollLock (roll lock button) (some wireless keyboards have omitted these three indicators), the logo The current state of the keyboard. These indicators are usually located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, but some keyboards use the built-in indicator light of the key cap. This design makes it easier to judge the current state of the keyboard, but the process is relatively complicated, so most ordinary keyboards do not use this design.

Regardless of how the keyboard form changes, the basic button arrangement remains basically unchanged, and can be divided into a main keyboard area, a Num numeric keypad area, an F-key function keyboard area, and a control keypad, and a shortcut key area is added to the multi-function keyboard.

The keyboard circuit board is the control core of the whole keyboard. It is located inside the keyboard and mainly works as the key scan recognition, encoding and transmission interface.

The reverse side of the keycap can be seen as a key plunger, which is directly related to the life of the keyboard, and its friction coefficient is directly related to the feel of the button.

There are four technologies for general keycap printing: a. ink printing technology, b. laser etching technology, c. overmolding technology, d. thermal sublimation printing technology.



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