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天津Silicone rubber products
天津Silicone rubber products

天津Silicone rubber products

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
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Classification of silica gel: Silica gel can be divided into hot-vulcanized silicone rubber and room-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber according to its vulcanization characteristics. According to the performance and use, it can be divided into general-purpose, ultra-low-temperature resistant, ultra-high temperature resistant, high-strength, oil-resistant, medical and so on. According to the different monomers used, it can be divided into methyl vinyl silicone rubber, methyl phenyl vinyl silicone rubber, fluorine silicon, nitrile silicone rubber and the like.

In the process of mixing, due to the low cohesive force between the silicone rubber, the high-strength and high-temperature-resistant silica filler becomes the most important compounding agent for silicone rubber. When other compounding agents are used, the nursery rhyme needs to consider the high temperature resistance. That is, under the application conditions of silicone rubber, they must not be volatilized, decomposed, charred or discolored, etc. In order to maintain the heat resistance of the silicone rubber, the silicon bond is reduced by acid and alkali attack, and the foreign acid is prevented when mixing. , the alkali is brought in, and the acid substance generated by the decomposition of the peroxide vulcanizing agent should be removed in time! 2, in the mixing of raw rubber and other ingredients into the vacuum kneading machine cooked, the temperature is not high at the beginning, in the process of stirring, through the friction of the temperature of the height, reaching 155-160 degrees, and then It will take half an hour. 3, put the cooked glue into the open mill to smooth, roll, as long as you pay attention not to dirty, the number of rolling only needs 2-3 laps on the line 4, after smoothing, to cool, time probably In 3-4 hours, then through the screen, the glue is filtered again, in order to filter out some solid material inside the glue.


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