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天津Silicone rubber parts
天津Silicone rubber parts

天津Silicone rubber parts

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
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What are the types and characteristics of white carbon black? There are mainly two kinds of gas phase method and precipitation method: gas phase method: most of them are started from silicon tetrachloride, mixed with chlorine gas and oxygen (air), and at a high temperature of 1000 degrees or higher, hydrogen gas is first burned with oxygen to form water, and then The action of silicon tetrachloride, hydrolysis, micropowder, coalescence, capture and acid removal, to obtain a white carbon black product. Advantages of gas phase method: pure height, less sioh, high reinforcement rate, hot air vulcanization, high transparency of vulcanized rubber, good electrical performance, excellent sealing, pad resistance and dynamic fatigue resistance. Gas phase method use: brake parts, wire, cable, medical food, high strength, high transparent silicone rubber products, gasket resistant gasket. Precipitation method: starting from water glass, adding hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid to neutralize the reaction under stirring to obtain SIO2 precipitate, which is filtered, dried and ground into high-fine white carbon black. It can also be obtained from an alkaline earth metal silicic acid by an acid decomposition reaction. Advantages of precipitation method: vulcanized rubber resilience, compression set, compression resistance and processing performance, low price, rubber compound is not easy to structure, and can only be used in rubber and plastic products to fill and reinforce. Use of precipitation method: general molded products, rubber rollers, oil resistant gasket materials.


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