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天津Car seal
天津Car seal

天津Car seal

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
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The physical and mechanical properties of the rubber and plastic parts may change during the storage of the seal. These changes are made up of oxygen, ozone, sunlight, high temperatures, ultraviolet light, temperature, and unsuitable chemicals in the dust. If the seal is stored in a good environment, the quality of the rubber and plastic parts of the seal will last.

1, environment, temperature and temperature

The optimum temperature for storage seals is 5~25°C, and the humidity is not higher than 60%. Although the low temperature does not change the physical and technical characteristics of the seals, we recommend that the seals be stored at 20~25°C before installing the seals. Under the circumstances for a while. In addition, we also recommend that the place where the seals are stored should leave the heat source, such as thermostats, heat sinks, heaters, etc.

2, dust

Factor dust may affect the mechanical properties of the product, so thoroughly remove dust before installing the seal;

3, light, ultraviolet

It is recommended to store or package rubber or plastic seals in opaque boxes or bags, and to cover the windows of the room where the seals are stored, in red or orange, so that the seals are protected from direct sunlight, strong light, ultraviolet light and fluorescent lights.

4, oxygen, ozone

Oxygen and ozone in the air are the medium of oxidation, so the synthetic resin bag and the sealed box are used to store the seals. In the room where the seals are stored, it is not possible to install high-voltage electric instruments, electric motors and other items that generate ozone. The damage to the seal rubber or plastic is particularly serious due to ozone.

5, deformation

In order to avoid deformation of the seal, the rubber and plastic seals should not be stored in a state of tension or load. Pulling will speed up the mechanical properties of the seal and accelerate the aging phenomenon.

6. Contact with solution or oil

It is advisable not to store the seals in other solutions, oils or any semi-solid materials without consulting the supplier's engineers.

7, contact with metal

Certain metals, such as manganese and copper, can cause damage to different types of rubber, so rubber and plastic seals should not be in contact with those metals or alloys.


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