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天津Automotive seal parts
天津Automotive seal parts

天津Automotive seal parts

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
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At present, the sealing material required for oil seal manufacturing is mainly composed of synthetic rubber. Since the selection and structural design of the sealing material are the main factors affecting the sealing performance and service life of the oil seal, the rubber performance is properly controlled to properly select the rubber sealing material used. Very important. Which rubber is the most suitable as the oil seal material? This should be determined according to the relevant parameters of the oil seal, that is, the radial force on the shaft should be high enough to prevent the oil seal from leaking, so as to maintain a certain oil film thickness to maintain low friction. Heat; the oil seal should have sufficient interference to overcome the eccentricity in use; the area of the lip in the contact area is also a determining factor. The oil seal material directly affects the above three parameters, because the material changes with time and temperature, and each key parameter also changes, for example, as the temperature increases, the modulus of the material decreases, and the radial force of the oil seal material changes. The thermal expansion, the swelling of the material caused by the sealing medium, and the softness of the rubber compound all affect the radial force and the interference.

Based on the above reasons, the following characteristics should be considered when selecting the oil seal material: the oil seal seal material is compatible with the seal medium, the oil seal seal material does not swell and harden due to the seal medium; the oil seal seal material has good heat resistance and wear resistance. The oil seal sealing material has moderate elasticity and can adapt to changes in shaft roughness and eccentricity.

Due to the many changes in the formulation of rubber sealing materials, new sealing materials continue to emerge, and existing sealing materials are continuously improved. The most commonly used ones for the current manufacture of oil seals are nitrile rubber, polyacrylate rubber, silicone rubber, fluororubber and polytetrafluoroethylene.


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