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天津Sound-absorbing cotton
天津Sound-absorbing cotton

天津Sound-absorbing cotton

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
  • Product description

Sound-absorbing cotton type

1. Sound insulation felt;

2. Environmentally friendly sound-absorbing cotton;

3. Polyester fiber sound absorbing panels (B1, B2 grade), etc.

Performance characteristics

1. High sound absorption rate and good sound insulation performance;

2. Good heat insulation;

3. Good fire resistance, material B1, B2 flame retardant level, self-extinguishing from fire, will not spread, and smokeless, non-toxic gas;

4. The product is harmless to the human body. After many experiments, it has no allergies to human skin.


1.100% environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable;

2. Sturdy, easy to use, tasteless, waterproof, moisture-proof, breathable, easy to process, can be made into various shapes according to different needs, long service life;

3. Does not rot, can resist the corrosion of various microorganisms, fungi, acids, salts and hydrocarbons;

4. Do not add any additives or adhesives during the production process.


1. Replace the rock wool or glass wool for the light-weight wall partition of the light steel keel gypsum board structure;

2. Replace the sponge and other sound-absorbing soft packs for entertainment venues such as KTV, cinemas, and dance halls;

3. Acoustic decoration and decoration for recording studios, listening rooms, interrogation rooms, etc.


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