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上海Foam pad
上海Foam pad

上海Foam pad

  • Category:上海Shockproof
  • Release date:2019-07-05
  • Product description

Foam characteristics


● Low pressure is very good shielding effect, shielding effectiveness exceeds 90dB.

●Flexible and light weight.

● Anti-corrosion nickel coating can prevent electrochemical corrosion.

● Low surface contact resistance.

● Fast pressure sensitive fixing.

● Customers can specify the length.

●Many cross-section options.

● UL class fire protection.

The product can be pasted with Mylar (Veneer double-sided adhesive) and the quality of the product is stable.

Heat-resistant pressure, not easy to fall off, high tensile strength,

After the product is installed, after low temperature -20 ° C to high temperature 80 ° C,

This quality was maintained for 72 hours in the cycle test.

Easy to use, flexible, and ultra-thin,

A series of features such as reliable performance.



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