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Foam board
Foam board

Foam board

  • Category:Shockproof
  • Release date:2019-07-05
  • Product description

This material is molded from polyether foam, like foamed bread. It can be foamed by mechanical equipment or artificially surrounded by wood. The foamed cotton is like a square loaf.

The thickness can be cut according to different requirements, and the foamed cotton can also adjust the softness. The seat cotton is generally 25~28kg/m3, and the other is 20~22kg/m3. Although the softness and density of sponges are directly related, they are also related to different additive formulations. Therefore, the industry is divided into high elasticity, gray super, black gray super and soft cotton. When designing the product, it should be rationally and scientifically matched according to different shapes and structures. Generally, it is divided into three parts: upper, middle and low, with different elasticity and density of sponge. There is a kind of fireproof cotton material (flame-retardant cotton) in the sponge. In fact, before the sponge is foamed, the fire retardant is added to the material formula, such as chlorine and bromine, so that the sponge can generate smoke and smoke when it is on fire. Combustion effect.


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